Monday, December 2, 2013

chapter 3 - im back in AZ and single

i had totally forgotten about this girl from an emotional standpoint, probably rejecting her because i felt she was or would reject me.

however, my friend raj told me i had to meet kalki, who needed a lead actor for his web series pilot. i was excited and scheduled to meet this man the moment that i got back to phoenix.

but before i did i called kanksha to find out if she knew anything about this project. wow. now that we were on the phone i felt the sparks fly. butterflies in my stomach school boy crush feelings were manifesting after she revealed that she had been offered the lead. she said that she was not interested in the project because it seemed like the production was not professional enough.

i became emotionally invested in the project at this very moment. i never explained this to her, but i wish i had. i had a vision of acting opposite of her and playing her love interest. i thought that we would have very special chemistry on set and could possibly fall in love. the quick conversation we had in preparation for my meeting convinced me that i had to make sure this project would be good enough for her.

i met kalki outside of frys electronics. he was there on his motorcycle and we both new i wasnt right for the role before a word was spoken. we walked over to the dennys and we talked about the project. i told him that i wanted to produce it as a screen actors guild project and secure the best talent available, including miss kanksha.

he loved all of my ideas, except hiring kanksha. he thought she was too much of a diva and explained to me that her type is very common in his country. i thought that i could manage her ego and that our connection would allow me to be the intermediary between two people that clearly did not like each other based on drama that each carried with them into the new world. with 1 out of 5 humans on earth being indian, they both felt they new the other... and while i like to focus on what makes people unique, i have to admit that they both warned me about the other and were spot on.

miss mehta would never work on that project, but i did help it become one of the best low budget films the state has ever produced

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