Monday, December 2, 2013

chapter 1 - we met on facebook

i do not remember exactly how i met her.  i know that she said something first and that it was on facebook. if i made the first move it was an add request without much thought behind it because this girl sent me a nice, short, professional and friendly message and i knew i was in trouble.

the girl was beautiful, brunette and very accomplished. she had participated in multiple beauty pageant and had experience modelling, acting and in journalism. she also went to the same university i went to, arizona state university.

i had recently gotten out of a relationship that had made me miserable enough to appreciate rock bottom and return to arizona after 5 years in los angeles. my film career off and i  determined to get back there as soon as possible.diddd

the yd gotten off to a great start, with a small role in a sag feature followed by the opportunity to be david duchovnys stand in on the movie goats.

to get that chance i had to sleep in my car outside tucson, and it clearly was the right move because i love working on films and i was back in my element. i met killian on that set at 5 am and instantly felt like i had met one of my best friends. he lived in his moms garage and biked for over an hour to get to set. i was so impressed by this 20 year old photographer who wanted to become a cinematographer.

well, coming off of that experience i returned to phoenix and met with kanksha before heading back to the goats set in new mexico. killian and i had been promoted, he to camera assistant and i was the producers assistant.

life was good at the time. i was actually seeing a girl from the tucson area and i took this meeting

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