Monday, December 2, 2013

chapter 2 - the dinner and off to new mexico

the meeting was set up as a professional rendez vous between two early career professionals with similar backgrounds. i was a writer, actor, on my way to becoming a producer and this girl was talent, judging by her extensive and diverse experience.

i had to meet her, but i was nervous about it because i thought i might like her. i had just started to get serious with another girl, but she lived in another city and rationally, we did not have a future together, but we did like each other.

kanksha had just returned from la where she said she was promoting for band bajat baarat, a major bollywood film she had a principal role in. i was so excited for this girl who i barely knew.

i wasted too much time getting ready and i spent a lot of time making myself feel casual about the thing. i had arranged it as a professional, but i was well aware that i was meeting a girl who could make me fall in love. beauty, intelligence and drive, coupled with lots of things in common spelled trouble.

i was late and she was unimpressed. we had our meeting and i felt like she was desperate to get the right agent and head to la. i offered to help her in her transition in any way that i could by way of contacts, advise, etc. and we said goodbye.

the excitement was gone. the meeting was not special. just another meeting between hollywood types, feeling each other out and trying to see if they can help you get to where you are trying to go. i wasnt looking to fall for her, so i was glad that i didnt, but i was hoping for some sort of transcendent experience. i thought that meeting her would get my creative juices going, but her aura did not captivate me the way that i expected it to.

i went off to work in new mexico and she politely kept in touch and i politely thanked her for the meeting and wished her well. i made a stupid mistake in my budding long distance ended before i made it back to arizona.

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